“Thank you for visiting the Department of Public Administration.”

Department Chair LEE, SAM YOUL


Public administration focuses on the research of government management.
It is a form of applied social science that administers complex and diverse spheres of government management efficiently. Moreover, it designs generally the direction of a balanced development between the country and its each and every social sector.

Today, the management of a nation not only involves public sector, but it also involves an organic relationship with voluntary sectors like private firm and civic group. In addition, it requires management of variation happening in the rapidly changing social environment. Indeed it involves a wide scope of fields. Therefore public administration is endowed with the academic significance of endeavoring to contribute to the development of the nation’s society by establishing an administrative organization that can deal with various public tasks and cultivating the ability to make right decision and appropriate method of administration.

Futhermore, whatever institution it is, a modern organization must have talented people with vision, judgment, capability, wide personal networking, and flexibility. So the education of public administration focuses on providing practical knowledge that promptly meets the needs of the times. In fact, the alumni of Yonsei University’s Department of Public Administration are endowed with these capabilities and attainments, and so they thrive in diverse sectors and institutions like government agency, corporate offices, and other professions.

Needless to say, both undergraduate and graduate students of Yonsei’s Department of Public Administration are top-notch students. The department expects students to grow up to be the talented that meets the needs of the times by applying themselves closely to the studies. In addition, faculty, staff members, and all the other members of Yonsei’s Department of Public Administration will do the best in helping the students cultivate vision and ability to lead the future.

Department Chair LEE, SAM YOUL