“Thank you for visiting the Department of Public Policy and Management.”

Department ChairEOM, TAE HO

Thank you for visiting the Department of Public Policy and Management.


Originated as the discipline focusing on the research on government management and policy, PA has evolved as an applied social science with other diverse disciplines.


Today, the role of government has expanded including not only public sector but also sectors related to private sphere with coping with radical social changes.


Therefore, PA is endowed with the academic and practical significance of contributing to the nation and society by establishing and managing administrative institutions and public policy in order to deal with various public tasks.


With the identity, the goal of PA education is focused on raising students who are able to cope with radical social changes with the critical reasoning and analytical abilities.


In fact, the alumni of Department of Public Administration are endowed with these capabilities and attainments, and so they thrive in diverse sectors and institutions including government agency, corporate offices, and other professions.


The dedication and commitment of the PA Alumni of Yonsei is truly valuable assets that enable you to plan your own way in the society.


The capacity of PA faculty of Yonsei in terms of education and research is on the highest level in the world. With the department at the center, the dense network among the faculty, alumini, and students, is our pride and obviously providing you with opportunity achieving successful career in your life.


Welcome to PA world!


Department Chair EOM, TAE HO